Authenticity… do you feel comfortable in your own skin?

I wonder if that happens when we wear our true selves out for all to see, so we stretch in the right places, just like comfy jeans do.

What does authenticity mean to you? How would you be living your life or what would you do differently, so you authentic? Do your actions match your values.

Some of my clients grew up in situations where their true self wasn’t embraced and endorced. So they learned to fit, they learnt which false self to ‘put on’ in the morning. Sadly at a cost. As a mother I sometimes forget as I try to mold my little one and shape his behaviour, influence his beliefs into the man I would like him to be. Someone who is respectful, loving and courageous. This seems well meaning but at times I need to let go so he can explore and use his sense of humour even when I think it’s time for homework. The balancing act of boundaries.

Children are born with their self esteem in tact and slowly experiences may reinforce and encourage their lovely selves or damage their sense of worth.

Truly we are all worthy and wonderful. That’s how we are born, as adults it’s up to us to show love and be kind to ourself. Stop saying yes when we really want to say no. Cherish our differences and enjoy our similarities. Be brave to invest in our personal growth. Life is very short, so start today. Promise yourself you will only think kind lovely thoughts to yourself and those around you.



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