The glorious coffee bean

We all love coffee, okay well most of us love a good coffee, perhaps tea? Here is another reason to honour the amazing coffee bean. Sorry I can’t remember where I picked up this story.

A father wanted to teach his daughter about coping with stress. So he says, “honey, I want to teach you about stress”. As he looks at the saucepan on the stove with boiling water and the three types of produce sitting on the kitchen bench.

The father says, “some people are like this carrot, they seem all hard and crunchy but when they meet with stress”, as he puts the carrot into the boiling water, “they soften and if left too long they turn to mush”.

Removing the carrot, he then picks up an egg. He says, “some people are like this egg, all fragile but when met with stress”, as he puts the egg into the boiling water, “they toughen up but then eventually they build a hard wall around them”.

Yes you guessed it, the third thing he picks up after removing the egg is a beautiful aromatic handful of coffee beans. He smells them in his hand (well I would, coffee beans smell awesome) and places them into the boiling water. The father says, “some people are like the coffee bean they refuse to let the environment change who they are, instead they influence those around them”, and so the boiling water became their morning cafe latte and a life lesson.

Be like the coffee bean! Know who you are and stay true to who you are.

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