Two voices in my head

Thoughts are tricky little things, wicked fast and sometimes impossible to stop. But you wouldn’t just let anyone who knocks on your door into your home, you would choose and so it is important we do this for our mind, even when it feels impossible.

Two voices

A man went to a doctor with a very big problem. I have two voices inside my head. One tells me all about my faults and things that others have done wrong by me. The other tells me about hope and love, my strengths and the goodness in the world, the kind things other’s have done for me.

What shall I do doctor they constantly fight, it’s driving me nuts.

The doctor replied which ever one you feed becomes the stronger. Our attention and energy feeds the voices in our mind.

The man smiled he realised now he could choose.

It’s true there is pain in the world and people will let you down, and it is also true everyone has goodness, miracles happen every day and even the simplest things can bring joy. What will you give your attention to?

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