Toad Fish

One of my clients who loves fishing told me all about ‘toad fish’. They are pesky little fish who nibble and nibble at your bait until it’s all GONE. What a great analogy for those pesky niggly negative thoughts that nibble and nibble at our confidence. ‘You can’t do it, things don’t work out for you, you aren’t good enough’. Well enough is enough. Shake off those ‘toad fish’ and catch something of substance.You are unique and brilliant in your own way.

An interesting thing to know is that when you think negative thoughts it does change your brain chemistry – you are depleting your stores of dopamine and serotonin (the happy neurotransmitters). So let’s consider while we may not have control over pesky toad fish we can make choices over how we think about life and about ourselves.

Be brave – see that the glass is always half full!

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