The New Day

Once upon a Fairy Forest

It was the last of the last day of the year.

It was a strange day. Some were celebrating … some were yearning … others were waiting for the New Year to present.

A family of peacocks were in the brush of pretty pink and purple ‘today yesterday and tomorrow’ bushes, awaiting the arrival of their new peachicks.

The Forest Fairies were dancing with so much freedom and bliss with the fresh new breeze twirling through the gum trees.

Two red belly black snakes were high up in the treetops out of everyone’s way willing for the New Year moon to arise.

The Sun, ever so graceful and faithful rising day after day after day. Smiling over all with light, watching all with delight. The Moon on it’s rise as the earth rotates, ever so slowly to bring gravity and light to the night.

There was a wearisome owl. “Oh, bother … another year gone and a new one to begin. Where to start? Where to start … the wisdom to impart?

The teeny tiny mice, so sweet and young, excited about their first year ending. They were scurrying hither and thither to find the very … very best spot! “Is it here? Is it there? Where will the very first day start? Can I say hello to the first day, will it be different, will it stray, or will it be just like another day?”

Milton the clever fairy wandered past and heard the mice in conversation.

“Oh, the first day is the BEST just like all the days that are to follow. It doesn’t matter where you stand or what you see, it will happen all the same. So set your intention clear what ever you hope – so dream big, wide and as tall as the sky, it is possible! Believe with your whole heart in the magic of the very first day and for all the days that follow this year.”

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