The Monkey Trap

The boat can’t leave the Harbour until you raise the anchor and set course for a new destination. How do we move forward and change the situation we are in. It’s interesting to think about why we are so invested in situations that aren’t working for us.

With my clients we talk about starting to let go of what holds you there, perhaps anger, hurt, revenge, shame, or memories.  This idea about letting go of course may not be easy depending on the amount of energy invested in holding on.

This reminded me of a story: The Monkey Trap.

In the jungles of africa the natives would trap monkeys, by placing delicious nuts in the crevices of a rock wall. The monkeys finding the nuts too irresistible, would grab a handful and become trapped, being unable to remove their fist. Unwilling to relinquish their tasty treat they were captives and yet were free to leave at any time.

An old story but today we need to ask ourselves what are we trapping ourselves with? Are we our own captures? Even with our big brains, lets make the time to let go of what keeps us stuck and start being our free lovely selves. It’s your choice, if you can only see it.


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